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Article: A Critical Look At Canada’s Incentives Model

In a feature article for Gamasutra, Jason Della Rocca takes a critical look at Canada’s incentives model, with a specific exploring on the impact for indie developers.

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Interview: Della Rocca On Breaking Tax Breaks’ Hold

Perimeter Partners’ Jason Della Rocca was interviewed at Gamasutra regarding the dominance of tax breaks for game industry economic development. The extensive interview has also stirred up a long string of comments/discussion on the topic.

Nicholas Lovell of Gamesbrief published a related blog post questioning the true value/effect of tax breaks.

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Article: “Playing For Our Future”, The Escapist

The Escapist online magazine recently published a forward looking article written by Jason Della Rocca, titled “Playing For Our Future”. The article has prompted head discussion with over 30 reader comments.

For the same issue of The Escapist, Della Rocca also debated old vs. new games for a related op-ed piece.

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Article: Your Ideas Don’t Matter… Much

In a feature editorial for, Jason Della Rocca ponders the subject of pitches - and how marketing and business models need to be reconsidered in today’s evolving game industry ecosystem.

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Article: Unconventional Leadership = Remarkable Success

When it comes to association management, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things, right? Maybe not. Jason Della Rocca, former executive director of the International Game Designers Association, begs to differ.

His feature article in the August issue of Associations Now magazine covers all the counterintuitive approaches taken in leading the IGDA. Also, check out the fun behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot for the magazine.

Jason will be co-hosting a Learning Lab on counterintuitive innovations at ASAE & The Center’s 2009 Annual Meeting & Expo in Toronto, on Sunday, August 16th from 3:15-4:30 p.m.

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Article: A Look at the Fight for Tax Breaks in the UK

Jason Della Rocca recently published an article taking a critical look a the fight for tax breaks in the UK game development community.

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Article: Exploration of Game Development Clusters

Jason Della Rocca recently published an article on game industry clusters via The Escapist Magazine.

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